Zhejiang Neteasefeng South China Morningpost

Several years ago, the Zhejiang Neteasefeng South China Morningpost was established to serve the Chinese community and business world. It is a news portal that has a variety of topics to cover, including politics, technology and the economy.

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News portal

Among the numerous media properties owned by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., one of its subsidiaries, the South China Morning Post is certainly no slouch when it comes to news and information. The venerable newspaper has a long history and a loyal readership that goes back to 1895. Among its other media offerings are the ubiquitous super app WeChat and the aforementioned video streaming service Mango Excellent Media Co. During Alibaba’s first quarter financial results announcement, it posted a 30 percent drop in media operations revenue. Despite its troubles, the company managed to rake in $341 million in revenue during the period.

The South China Morning Post has an online presence that rivals some of its competitors. The company’s website features a news and entertainment section that features an extensive list of breaking news items. Among its other offerings, the company has a free app that features a variety of multimedia news items. The company also offers a pay-per-view model.


Touted as the undisputed champion of the Hong Kong free press, the South China Morning Post has long been known for its slick reporting and a good ol’ fashioned belly dance. However, the company has been rocked with a host of high profile scandals in recent years. The latest victim is the paper’s editorial hierarchy, which is said to have a shady past. The paper has been plagued by some questionable hires in recent months, and is no stranger to allegations of misconduct and obscene payments. In addition to the usual suspects, the paper is embroiled in a messy divorce, resulting in the loss of some key staff. Hopefully, the paper can find a happy medium in the near future. In the meantime, fans of the paper will have to content themselves with the occasional tussle and the occasional prank call.

Despite the paper’s woes, the paper is still a force to be reckoned with, and remains a prime candidate for the dilution of Hong Kong’s formerly coveted publishing crown.


Located in the eastern coastal region of China, Zhejiang is a rapidly developing area that is transforming into a new economic force in the country. Aside from a rich business environment, the province boasts of advanced infrastructure. With the rapid growth of the high-tech industry, the local economy is becoming more dynamic.

Zhejiang is home to leading internet companies like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and NetEase. They have earned annual revenues of $76.2 billion yuan in the past year. In addition to Alibaba, NetEase also owns Ant Group and Bauhinia Culture (Hong Kong) Holdings Ltd.

In response to the call from Beijing, the Zhejiang Communist Party leadership has been trying to bring the internet platform economy to a new stage of development. The province has also taken the lead in confronting Big Tech. For example, Zhejiang has issued a legislative document to regulate the digital industry. The document outlines the guidelines for digital infrastructure and public data sharing. It will take effect in March 2021.


Founded in 2014, Zhejiang Alibaba Netease Feng is one of the leading platforms in the cross-border e-commerce industry. The portal is owned by Chinese internet company NetEase. It specializes in providing news, pictures, videos and current affairs about China. In 2015, it was bought by Alibaba founder Jack Ma. Since then, the portal has become one of the most popular news websites in China. It has an estimated audience of over 100 million users.

According to its owner, Alibaba Group, Zhejiang Alibaba Neteasefeng is one of the largest platforms for cross-border e-commerce. Founder Jack Ma said he wanted the website to cover more than just China. In order to do that, he met with the employees and asked them to cover more of China’s diverse interests. The company also plans to revamp its academic journals and raise the profile of Chinese scientific research. As a result, its staff has increased dramatically. Its staff members have been rewarded with generous bonuses.

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