Volatility of a Slot Machine

Volatility or variance refers to the frequency at which the slot machine pays out. A slot machine may have high or low volatility. Low-volatility slots offer more frequent wins than high-volatility slots at www.kingcasino.com.

The volatility of the slot is often displayed on the help screen. Here is how you can determine the volatility of a slot game:

Using Jackpots

You might already know what volatility to play with in online slots and what you’re comfortable with. When choosing a good slot, a volatility rating can be helpful.

For example, you might see a slot game with volatility rated 3 out of five stars. This figure means that the slot falls in the middle of the spectrum. However, not all slots offer this info.

A quicker way to determine the slot’s volatility involves merely looking at the jackpot. For instance, if a slot game offers a £3,000 progressive jackpot, the volatility will likely be very low. And if another slot has a £2 million progressive jackpot, it usually indicates a highly volatile game.

In progressive slot games, you should focus on the seeded amount, representing what providers must pour into the game. For example, two slots could feature identical £200,000 jackpots, but if one is seeded at £20,000 and another at £15,000, the latter will probably be less volatile. After all, the player doesn’t need to put as much money into the game in this case.

Apart from the jackpot, other factors you can consider to get a truly accurate determination of the volatility includes:

Bonus Rounds and Other Payouts

Most slot machines offer special incentives, including free spin re-spins and second-screen rounds. These bonuses increase the entertainment value by making the gameplay more engaging. However, they can also feature bigger prizes than the jackpot itself. Such bonus prizes ramp up a slot’s volatility.

Jackpots aren’t the only payouts that can be large. Some slots feature several other larger prizes. Bigger payouts mean high variance.

Number of Winning Ways

Many slots online offer a countless number of winning ways. Some offer between 117,649 and 60,446,176 ways to win. This’s what makes some of these slots exciting. However, the fact that there are so many winning possibilities unlocks so many ways and makes the payouts less consistent.

Random Features

In addition to bonuses, slot machines offer random features, including free spins, scatter symbols and wilds. A slot machine might throw more wilds randomly onto the reels or even turn a regular symbol into an expanding wild. Such features help turn losses into wins and other bigger prizes. However, note that these random payouts also take away from the regular wins.

Cascading reels also boost the volatility level. They allow you to get lots of payouts in a single spin, and you’ll go through plenty of rounds where you don’t win anything at all at these slots, visit now. In conclusion, you should always choose volatility you’re comfortable with. You can choose less-volatile games that boost the number of payouts you win in the immediate feature.

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