A General Knowledge Quiz For 11-14 Year OldsA General Knowledge Quiz For 11-14 Year Olds

At this age, kids start discovering things happening around them and ask questions. They are eager to know more about a lot of subjects like history, science, sports, music etc.

GK or general knowledge quiz for 11-14 year olds is an essential part of kids’ life as it makes them smart in many ways. Besides helping them score good marks in competitive exams, it helps kids in understanding their surroundings.


Children in these classes tend to explore the world around them a lot more. They are curious to know more about various topics and thus they are at the right age for quizzes that focus on geography and other interesting topics.

Questions that focus on geographical issues are very easy for them to answer. Kids are also at an age where they can remember details easily so these trivia questions about the world around them help them recall those details.

This includes details about the continents and oceans that surround our planet. They can also answer questions such as which two English counties are separated by the river Tamar? Which two countries share a border with the Isle of Wight? What is the name of the river that flows through the Grand Canyon?

There are also questions about the names of the different countries and the capitals of these nations. It helps them learn about the various cultures and history of these countries. The more they learn about these things, the more rounded and well-educated they become.


History is a discipline that studies the human past, and involves examining and documenting events in time. This helps us understand the evolution of different societies and cultures, and also makes it easier to predict future trends.

It’s important to teach children about the history of the world so that they can appreciate current cultural and social situations, as well as understand how people have shaped their environment. This will help them make more informed choices about their future.

The quizzes in this category cover a wide range of historical topics, from ancient Egyptian pyramids to how many wives Henry VIII had. There are even questions about famous inventions, such as how long it took the Titanic to sink, and what kind of paper can heal a sick person? Fun facts like this are a great way to spark kids’ interest in history, and can help them get excited about learning!


General knowledge is one of the most important aspects of learning for kids. It helps them stay abreast of what is going on around them and develops their social awareness, cognitive skills, and civic senses. It also enhances their performance in group discussions, class debates, entrance exams, and interview rounds. Hence, it is essential to introduce them to different topics and subjects.

Quiz activities should be tailored to match kids’ interest level, learning pace, and motivation. Therefore, it is essential to identify their areas of strength and weakness before introducing them to new concepts. The questions in this quiz are a blend of various subjects such as science, politics, entertainment, and geography.

Some of the interesting GK questions include: What does the name “Mrs. Smith” stand for in Chinese? Which continent is known as the ‘Dark continent’? How many cards are there in a pack of cards? Which country gifted the Statue of Liberty to the US? What is the largest desert in the world? Which country has the most languages?


At this age, children are interested in the things around them and start asking questions. GK quizzes can help them enhance their knowledge while making learning fun and interactive. They can take part in trivia competitions in school or at home to test their general knowledge and win prizes.

These physics trivia questions will challenge kids’ minds and inspire curiosity about the laws of the physical world. They can learn about the famous scientists who formulated the law of motion and the concept of universal gravitation. Kids will also discover interesting facts about the physical world, such as how many keys are on a standard piano or what animal is in the Welsh flag.

Easy true or false questions for kids can help them improve their general knowledge. They can answer them in a short time and they don’t require complex answers. They can also learn about the different oceans of the world and what type of atom is hydrogen. They can even find out about the number of sides a triangle can have.


General knowledge is an important part of kids’ learning. It helps them keep up with the world around them and learn more about their cultures and traditions. It also helps them in their school subjects and in gaining interest in different activities. However, due to increased pressure on kids to secure good marks in exams, they often limit their knowledge to what’s in their textbooks and forget about the real world.

The best way to enhance kids’ general knowledge is through fun quizzes and interesting activities. They can be asked questions about their favorite movies, sports, food, history and more. These random brainteaser questions will make them think and challenge their knowledge.

Which country is home to the kangaroo? Which country does the Eiffel Tower and Disneyland belong to? What is the name of the famous river in Ireland? Which singer sang the song Shake It Off? Which band member is known as the ‘Mullingar Man’? How many keys does a piano have? Who was featured in Luis Fonsi’s Despacito?


Kids love to learn new things and get curious about the world around them. They start asking questions to their parents, and they also get knowledge from books. GK questions and answers are an essential part of their academic life, and this is where quizzes come in handy.

While GK isn’t as important as maths, history, and science in school, it plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s future. The questions that you include in your quizzes will help them become informed citizens and keep up with current events.

A good general knowledge quiz for kids will have questions about sports, characters, buildings, and fascinating science facts. Some of these questions are even funny. For example, how many keys are on a piano? And what are the names of two popular international ballroom dances? These trivia questions will keep your teens entertained. They might even make them think! And who knows, these trivia questions might even make them better at their homework. So, give these trivia questions a try and see how your teenagers do.


At this age, kids are eager to learn new things. They observe everything around them and ask questions about it. They also want to know more about their favourite characters, TV shows and authors. GK can be used as a great tool to teach them about different subjects.

For example, who wrote the book that is based on the popular children’s show ‘Alice in Wonderland’? And who is the author of ‘Noddy’? You can find all of these answers and more in this quiz!

Having a wide range of general knowledge quiz for 11-14 year olds will help your child succeed in many areas of their life. It will improve their vocabulary and help them learn more about the world around them. So, take our GK quiz and test your knowledge! Whether you need to know the name of the planet closest to Earth or how many sides there are in a circle, this quiz will give you the answers. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start! And don’t forget to share your results with your friends and family!


Whether they play it or watch it, sports are a favorite pastime for many teens. This interactive quiz is the perfect way to test their knowledge about all aspects of the sporting world from Tour de France to Wimbledon, from tennis to ice hokey!

It is important to engage children in GK subjects, especially at this age as their minds are keen to learn about the world around them. This is how they can broaden their horizons, develop a deeper understanding of current events, and begin to notice and understand the changes happening around them.

Twinkl has a great range of engaging, interactive and educational resources you can use in the classroom to teach your children about all sorts of topics. You can try this fun interactive animal quiz for Years F-2, or this more challenging quiz on the same topic for Years 3-4. You could even split your class into teams and have some competitive fun by playing this interactive sports quiz. You can also find other general knowledge quizzes on the site – such as this fun music quiz for Years 3-6 and this fascinating science quiz for Years 6-8.

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