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Whether you’re a startup business or an established brand, The Storyteller Studios is the premier video production service for your story-driven marketing campaign. With offices in Springfield, IL, and serving the Midwest, the team of talented film and television professionals will work with you to produce an inspiring video for your business. They’ll capture key stakeholders and customers with emotional appeal, and can offer a custom quote in just one business day.

Josh Hester

Founder and principal of Storyteller Studios, Josh Hester is an Emmy-awarded video producer who has created highly sought after corporate and television commercials. The Storyteller Studios is a full-service video production company that specializes in video for websites and special events. The team is comprised of industry veterans who are devoted to helping clients create award-winning videos. They also provide pre-production planning, and aerial drone photography.

The Storyteller Studio has produced a wide variety of video productions, from online marketing videos to award-winning corporate films. The studio also creates television commercials, and provides aerial drone photography. The team at The Storyteller Studios will work with you to create the best video for your business. The company is based in Springfield, Illinois, but services businesses and individuals across the country. If you’re looking for a video production company that can capture your hearts, look no further than Storyteller Studios.

The Storyteller Studios’ list of accomplishments includes an Emmy-awarded video producer, an FAA commercial-licensed drone pilot, and a team of video production experts. The studio’s team of professionals are equipped with the latest video technology to capture the finest footage. They are also able to provide helpful tips and suggestions during the shooting process. The Storyteller Studios is a video production company that connects people through stories.

The Storyteller Studios is a video production company that provides award-winning videos to businesses and non-profit organizations. The company’s team of experts can provide aerial drone photography, video for websites, and pre-production planning to help clients create the best video for their business. The studio’s video productions are the best around. It’s no wonder the company was named the Best Video Production Company of the Midwest in the Chicago Business Journal.

Emily Dzioba

Founded by Emily Dzioba, The Storyteller Studios (STS) is a program designed to provide a community for young playwrights and dramaturgs to connect with one another and explore their craft. STS offers artists a year-long program of targeted mentorship, professional development, and community support. The program is a no-cost opportunity for young artists to develop their creative voice and learn about the dramaturgy and theatrical business.

Each year, STS selects a group of artists who will participate in a year-long mentorship program. The artists will receive targeted mentorship in the form of readings, discussions with directors, and collaboration with new play in development. As part of the program, each artist will work with a Lead Mentor and receive community support throughout the year. The Lead Mentor will identify a project for each artist to work on during the program. These projects may include reading a play, pitching a treatment, or presenting a “pitch” of a dream play.

STS’s mission is to break down barriers to access by creating a no-cost, targeted mentorship program for young artists. The program is open to recent graduates who are interested in becoming dramaturgs and playwrights. The program offers a unique, virtual opportunity for young artists to connect with their peers and community. The selection process takes place in the summer.

Upon completion of the program, artists are eligible to apply for a fellowship with the New Jersey Play Lab. In addition to dramaturgy, The New Jersey Play Lab also offers theater masters, playwriting forums, and playwriting forums. The New Jersey Play Lab is also the original member of The Strides Collective, an artist and writer organization dedicated to creating playwright opportunities for emerging artists.

Elisabetta Bracer

Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned veteran, The Storyteller Studios is a no-cost opportunity for artists of all disciplines. Led by an experienced Lead Mentor, the Storyteller Studio is a unique, virtual venue for budding playwrights and other literary savvies. The program operates on a yearly basis and offers targeted mentorship and a little professional development. Those looking for a little more elbow grease can apply for an artist position with Porch Light Studios, a theatre production company. Alternatively, you may want to take a look at the aforementioned Don’t Tell Amy Productions.

The Storyteller Studio’s enlightening offerings include a robust community of artists to share in the creative process, professional development training and support, a no-cost play reading series, and targeted mentorship. For more information, visit the organization’s website or contact the Program Director. The Storyteller Studios is a no-cost initiative to promote the self-determination of budding artists.

Alison O’Brien

During her time at Drew University, Alison O’Brien focused on writing new plays. She also developed a web-series, Hive. She is also an accomplished writer of narrative non-fiction and marketing copy. Her work has been featured in Reader’s Digest and Thread Magazine.

Alison’s recent projects have included writing the scripts for a new web-series. She also devised an original play with elementary school children. Her work has been published in Thread Magazine, and she was featured in a TEDx Talk by Jill Howe.

Alison O’Brien is also the founder of Howdy Skies Records, a music label with a focus on bluegrass. Her most recent release, “Real Time”, pays tribute to West Virginia. She is also a member of the Earls Of Leicester, a bluegrass group. She has also recorded Dylan covers and Celtic-Appalachian fusion music.

The Storyteller Studios is an artistic incubator designed for young writers and storytellers. It operates on a yearly basis, and offers professional development and targeted mentorship to young artists. There is no cost involved for young artists to participate. They are selected in the summer and work with a Lead Mentor to develop a project. This project could include developing a “pitch” for a new play, learning the process of working with a dramaturg, or an audience engagement concept.

The Storyteller Studio offers young artists an opportunity to create and perform new work for no cost. It also offers professional development and community support. The selection process for the first Cohort will take place during the summer. The Cohort will be led by an experienced Lead Mentor. During the eight-month program, young artists will receive mentorship, a production and outreach program, and targeted mentorship.

Liesl Eppes

Whether you’re a budding playwright, aspiring playwright or theatre geek, there’s a Storyteller Studio for you. From the triumvirate of dramaturgical, artistic and administration roles, the organization has one goal: to nurture young talent into the next generation of theatre artists. Aside from producing quality work, the program also offers professional development and community support. It’s no wonder that The Storyteller Studio was a finalists in the Theatre Alliance of New Jersey’s 2011 New Jersey Theatre Awards.

The Storyteller Studio boasts a number of innovative and interactive programs. Aside from the studio’s regular slate of productions, the organization runs a one-of-a-kind mentoring program that pairs promising students with seasoned professionals in the industry. This is particularly helpful for students looking to make their mark in theater and film. The organization also runs a program that trains students in the finer points of audio description.

Despite her role as a student, Liesl Eppes is a consummate storyteller. Her interests are diverse and range from the nebulous to the mundane. She has a knack for the baffling and often explores the world through books, films and documentaries. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from Drew University. She is a proud member of the LMDA and ATHE. She has also served as a reader for She NYC Arts. The Storyteller Studio is a no-cost way to take the next step in your theater career. Whether you’re looking for an inspirational mentor or a professional networking partner, The Storyteller Studio is a worthy addition to your resume. The most important part of the experience is that you get to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

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