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Home decoration is a hobby for a lot of people. Others might find it to be a necessity to make their space inviting. Whatsoever the reason, everyone likes to decorate their space and what better way to do so than to use ceramic pots? Though the house’s interior is an excellent place to accentuate and showcase your creativity, people prefer to exhibit their charm and decorative skills outside the home. Lawns, gardens, even on the rooftops and window railings- all places are ideal for placing ceramic plant pots.

However, with such a wide variety of patterns, shapes, colours and sizes of wholesale ceramic pots, it is often quite tricky to discover the correct kind of pot for your place. Other than the choice in appearances, you might even wish to think about the sort of plant your pot would hold. These are essential aspects of buying a pot for plants, and your choice will primarily affect how well a plant grows, how healthy the roots are, and how quickly the soil dries out. Therefore, to ease you, here is a quick guide on what you need to look for when choosing a pot for your plants and your home; continue reading!

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Where are you going to keep it?

An essential part of selecting a pot is knowing where to keep it. If you are thinking of placing an outdoor plant in the pot, it has to be weatherproof, waterproof and resist the elements. This is because these pots will be kept outside and should be able to withstand fluctuations in temperature; otherwise, they may crack. In contrast, you don’t need that much hardy plant for an indoor plant as it will not be exposed to such harsh weather elements. Besides location, it is vital to consider your plant’s needs when choosing the pot. Some plants may require a specific type of pot. However, ceramic pots are something in which all plants can thrive as they are porous and dry more evenly.

Is your plant small or large?

The plant size will determine the size of your pot; that’s quite obvious! Therefore, before you select a planter, consider the size of the plant you will be planting. This is also important because the pot’s size will control the plant’s growth. Plus, if you have a large plant, it will have strong roots and can eventually crack your planter if it is not so hardy. So when choosing a pot for a large plant, consider the material of the pot carefully. In contrast, for small, tiny plants, you can get small ceramic pots; they do not take a large amount of space and can add class and elegance to your interior space as well.

Does your plant require a drainage hole?

Choosing a pot with a drainage hole is always advisable to ensure that the soil doesn’t stay too wet after watering your plant. The excess amount of water will escape from the bottom of the container and allow the plant’s roots to take oxygen. If you have a great liking for a ceramic pot, but it does not have a drainage hole, you can make drainage yourself within the pot. Yes, you read it right! Place a layer of drainage rocks at the bottom of the pot or planter and add another layer of activated charcoal. Now place the appropriate soil in the pot, and then place your plant.

Now you are ready to find the right pot from wholesale ceramic pots. Right? If so, browsing through the internet you will get countless options of ceramic pots to choose from. Browse, click, pick and get the best planter for your plants.

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