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Administrative assistants are essential for companies in Sydney. Admin assistants can handle different tasks and offer great assistance to the company and employees in Sydney. Generally, admin jobs in Sydney have been available for people for $25 to $30 per hour for the past six months. Many offices need to relocate to a new campus; in those cases, they need to handle the company’s every minute information and data. It is highly complex and very tough for the company manager to handle all the stuff. So, it is significant for every company manager to hire an admin assistant for the office requirements.

Admin assistants will provide excellent support that is required for the company. Compared to the past few years, studies show a massive increase in Sydney’s demand for admin assistant jobs. The intermediate and junior level admin assistants can handle up to 12 people, and senior admin assistants can take up to 20 people on the team in most cases.

Most people are left with confusion before choosing a job as an admin assistant in Sydney. There are a lot of responsibilities that every admin assistant should fulfil to satisfy and match the expectations of a company manager.

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What is an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative assistants are required and responsible for arranging, coordinating, and running the everyday administrative activities of the company in Sydney. That is why the administrative assistant role is considered essential. They provide excellent support to the office and management team by sending informative emails, data entry, answering incoming calls, and regular admin responsibilities such as printing, filing, photocopying, and several ad hoc duties.

What are the Key Responsibilities of an Admin Assistant?

Their primary motto must be to ensure efficiency and a smooth process, and the Admin jobs in Sydney include several responsibilities and tasks based on the industry. They can help with daily activities and operations and offer exceptional administrative support to the organization, which includes:

  • Scheduling appointments and meetings
  • Team support
  • Expense preparation
  • Ordering and collecting stock of office supplies
  • Answering the calls and forwarding the call to relevant employees or staff members
  • Maintaining notes in meetings
  • Processing deliveries or incoming packages, and directing mail
  • Doing research and booking tickets for travel arrangements for employees or staff members
  • Preparing documents for business trips and company meetings
  • Greeting, welcoming new staff, and directing visitors to the company or organization
  • To be the common point of contact for every employee and staff member, and also for external stakeholders
  • Sending and receiving emails to the departments and teams with the presence of senior staff or teams
  • Find several ways to increase the efficiency of administrative processes.

What are the Required Qualifications and Skills of an Administrative Assistant in Sydney?

Formal degrees and qualifications are not mandatory for an administrative assistant job. But there are some certificates and courses for candidates that are important for the admin job role. The certificates or courses may include:

  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Certificate in Business Administration
  • Bachelor in Business Administration

Some additional programs that could be an additional strength for the candidate include:

  • Working knowledge and good experience with Google Docs
  • Experience in MS Office, with excellent knowledge of PowerPoint and Excel
  • Knowing task and project management tools like Trello, Basecamp, and Smartsheet.

 Last Few Lines:

If you are searching for an administrative assistant job, search for the best consulting company offering the best job opportunities to suit your needs and requirements. It should also fit your work experience. Several consultation companies are available in Sydney; choose the best one and apply for the administrative assistant job today.

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