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Everyone likes to be involved in some adventurous activities in their life. There are several adventurous activities available for anyone to try, but there are some significant factors to consider when it comes to each one of them.

Paragliding is a well-known adventurous sport. And like every adventurous sport, paragliding also requires many accessories for safe execution. Many items like JDC electronic devices are essential for every paragliding enthusiast. Safety is the prime factor for any adventure, and hence every participant needs to carry minimum safety equipment for their safety. Especially in the case of paragliding, it is significant to know various factors like wind speed, weather conditions, etc. And these factors determine how to set up each parameter for gliding. Also, paragliding requires some personal physical aspects, while the chance of getting injured is also not completely avoidable. So personal protective and comfort items also have some importance.

Various Items for Paragliding


Most adventure sports need a helmet, as it protects the person from various possible injuries. And in the case of paragliding, a helmet is an unavoidable part. The chance of accidents during the taking off and landing is high. As such, a quality helmet built especially for paragliding can prevent any injury to the head.

Most experienced paragliders and paragliding instructors recommend a high-quality helmet for safety. Unlike other body parts, damages to the head are considered dangerous; even the slightest head injury can lead to severe problems. Thus it is highly advised to wear a proper helmet with quality for personal safety. Meanwhile, the selected helmet should meet some requirements:

  • Enough safety straps to keep the helmet in place.
  • The size of the helmet should be suitable for the person.
  • It should be quality tested and certified for paragliding.
  • It Should not have any cracks or any other damages.

Electronic Equipment

The advancement of technology helped to achieve many improvements in finding out the factors affecting the activity. It assists the person to set every parameter as per the changing circumstances. As such, the paragliding adventure highly depends on various weather factors like wind. So the wind speed calculation, wind direction calculation, altitude calculation, etc., are significant for safety. In the past, low accuracy, manual mechanisms were used for such estimations. But now branded products like JDC electronic equipment provide high accuracy measurements.

The anemometers are one such instrument every paraglider should carry around. The anemometers can detect the wind speed and its direction, and these two factors affect paragliding more than anything. The portable and handy anemometers are trustworthy in paragliding fields. Also, the mobile weather stations that can show the temperature, humidity, etc., will come in handy for every paraglider. Altimeters are also often used in paragliding for accurately measuring altitude. It helps the person understand the exact height and perform necessary actions for safe paragliding. As such, the electronic devices need to satisfy the following factors:

  • The accuracy of the device should be high for precise information.
  • Weather-resistant devices are advised in paragliding for better performance under poor weather conditions.
  • The device should be easy to carry around.


Paragliding requires the use of strength in various means. Usually, many controls like direction and speed need hand movements. Meanwhile, it is not easy to do these actions with bare hands since a high grip is required for accuracy in motions. As such, a pair of good gloves can be used in such situations for improving safety. It helps the person control the glider accurately without causing any injuries to the hands. Usually, the gloves used in paragliding are designed specifically for that purpose. And this feature gives the gloves all the necessary attributes to withstand any bad situations during the adventure.

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