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Applied Electronics is concerned with electrons. A crucial branch of engineering, electronics deals with electric circuits comprising active and passive components and underlying techniques. The world is always changing, and it is important for technology enthusiasts to stay up to date with the latest developments. Aside from that, it’s nearly impossible to get through a day these days without using some electronic device. Electronics are used in various ways today, including industrial electronics. This article will elaborate on the applications of electronics:

  1. Consumer Electronics

The average person can benefit the most from this field. A consumer electronic product is intended to be used regularly.

This is classified once again as

  • Gadgets like calculators, printers, scanners, computers, and front projectors are all examples of office technology.
  • Household items like refrigerators, washing machines and microwaves, and vacuum cleaners are all examples of home appliances.
  • Video game consoles and audio/video equipment like headphones, colour TVs, DVD players, microphones, VCRs, and loudspeakers are all common examples of this technology.
  • Smartphones, PDAs (personal digital assistants), barcode scanners and POS terminals are examples of advanced consumer devices.
  • Optical playback and recording devices, as well as portable entertainment.
  • Portable MP3 players and DVDs
  1. Industrial electronics

Real-time automation is a strong tool in this sector. The following are included in this list:

Robotics and Mechatronics, Power Conversion, Power Electronics, and Biomechanisms are sub-disciplines that fall under the umbrella of industrial electronics.

Smart grid systems

Communication technology is used by smart electric systems to monitor power consumption and take appropriate action. Intelligence, computation, and electrically networked systems are all used in this process. Features of the smart grid

  • A two-way digital communication system
  • Multi-Functional Sensors
  • Self-awareness and Problem Solving
  • Electricity distribution that is safe and reliable
  • Automation and motion control in the workplace

Machines are replacing humans since they are more efficient in time and money. Additionally, safety is taken into account when dealing with difficult tasks. As a result, automation has become the preferred method of delegating human tasks in the workplace.

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Image processing

From a single or a series of 2D photos, a 3D environment has been created. The extraction of 3d data from 2D patterns is accomplished using various techniques. This technology can be used in fields other than medical diagnosis and image processing itself.

  1. Medical electronics

Data processing and physiological analysis tools are becoming increasingly complex as new technology is introduced. They are more effective in both diagnosing and healing illnesses. The following are examples of medical equipment and devices:

  • Listen to the interior noises of the animal or human body with a stethoscope.
  • Monitors measure changes in pulse, body temperature, respiration, and blood flow to determine a patient’s condition.
  • Defibrillators work by delivering electrical shocks to the heart’s muscles, resetting the heart’s regular rhythm.
  • A glucose monitor is used to check blood sugar levels.
  • Pacemaker: a device that regulates the rate at which the heartbeats.
  1. Aerospace and defence

Included in the realm of defence and aviation are the following:

  • Launching systems for missiles
  • Space Launch Vehicles
  • Flight systems
  • Controls for the cockpit
  • Radars used by the military
  • Boom barriers
  1. Automobiles
  • Infotainment unit
  • Anti-collision unit
  • Anti-lock system
  • Cruise control
  • Traction control
  • Window regulator
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Airbag control

People’s daily lives would be impossible without electronic devices, which have many applications. Enhanced electronic applications and semiconductor technology are reshaping the globe.

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