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Do you know that humans interact better with motion pictures than static pictures? Motion enlivens human imagination to the next level. Further, motion adds elements of expressiveness and fancying to live logos.

Live logos get their inspiration from the animation industry. Live logos have been in the market for a long. But, with the increasing internet speed and inception of smartphones, their relevance has increased manifold.

Live logos are both attractive and creative in the first look. Indeed, they bring out the idea of brand message, bold and alive. You must be thinking, how to achieve this? We’ll list the valuable points for that.

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How can you create a better live logo design?

The foremost thing is having a look at the already existing live logo design on the web. They are many such available on Youtube with titles “motion logos,” “logo animation,” and “logo motion graphics.”

Further, examples are Skype, FedEx, and Firefox. It will give a solid understanding of live logos. Next, here are the essential tips:

The purpose of live logos

Animated logo increases customer engagement with your logo. They can connect better with your audience. Imagine logos conveying their meaning by themselves.

What is the purpose of a logo? Businesses build their logos to develop their unique identity. It gives them their brand recognition. Similarly, a live logo helps businesses to grow more than a standard logo.

Nowadays, there are many immersive tools available in the online marketplace. You can create a graphic motion logo without any other effort. Otherwise, you can take the help of logo design services to make your job easier.

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Types of Motion logos

Many types of live logos are in the market. Knowing a brief about them is beneficial. Indeed, it helps you govern what the possible types that match your requirements are. These are the ones:


It uses all elements of coming one by one, finally completing the entire logo.

Switch on/off

It works on the appearance and disappearance mode like a switch. Few logo elements will be visible, while others not be in a cyclic manner.


Rotation is generally valid for round logos. For example, in the firefox animated logo, fox revolves around the earth before a still logo.


A logo need not start from the original logo. It can start from its baby version. For example, a butterfly transforms from a caterpillar. Similarly, you can enhance the effect of the live logo with its seed version.

What are your goals?

Every brand could have different goals from other brands. So, a unique brand strategy starts from novel plans. It is vital to align animated logo design with business goals

These are the things that you can decide on:

Brand Storytelling

Stories are the best ways to relate to the human mind. They have been prominent for generations. Animated logos convey brand stories very well.


You can leave indelible impressions with notable motion logos. Its main motive is to build memorability forever. One image presented well can do this task. Animation is the beautiful medium for that.

Live content

Brand name-based logos can exhibit themselves with live content logos. In this way, you can gain more attention from your customers. Space orientation and words movement can help you a lot.


The best way to try the motion logo is to do experimentation. For this, you must be ready with a sample logo. The most reliable place to see customers’ responses is your website.

Your website is already spreading your brand awareness. Upload your live logo on your “welcome screen” or “home page.” You’ll start getting reactions there and then. Otherwise, you can find hotspots on your famous web pages to get maximum feedback on your logo.

Maintain elements balance

An essential part of motion logo design is balance. It makes your logo stand out and look more attractive. Indeed, it seems more appealing to you and your customers. These things need balancing:

  • Color
  • Light
  • Font
  • Contrast
  • Music

Contrast and color are related to each other. Contrast helps illuminate certain logo elements over others. Color also plays a crucial role in this. Light and dark colors complement one another.

Light appeals to users along with matching music tone. Text with bigger font and contrasting color are better visible than smaller fonts with dull colors.

Market your logo well

Last but not least, if you don’t market your logo well, it is of no use. Spread your video-based logo across all internet platforms. It will improve your online presence and increase your brand awareness.


In short, live logos are influential in making your business brand signatures. Motion and animation can enhance and illustrate logo effects. Make your logo stand out everywhere on the internet for solving the idea behind creating the live logo.

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