SEO requirements keep changing every now and then and it can be difficult  to keep up with the latest developments at the same time. Well-optimized sites receive more and more traffic, and that concludes more leads and sales. Without the help of SEO, searchers won’t be able to find your site, and all your hard-work would go in vain, but for enhancing your site ranking to go on the top of the list, you are prompted to know what all are the requirements of Google to be fulfilled especially for someone who desires to rank their sites. 

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Fundamental On-Page Factors

In a manner your page is optimized has the most profound effect on its rankings. Here are the page optimization factors that can affect its search visibility as follows:

  1. Keyword In The Title. The title meta tag is one of the robust relevancy signals for a search engine/portal. The tag itself is meant to render the accurate description of the page content. Search engines utilize it to display the main title of a search result. Incorporating a keyword in page content will indicate to the search portal what to rank for. Preferably, the keyword should be placed at the beginning of the title tag. On-pages optimized in this manner will rank better than those with keywords nearer to the title’s tag end.
  2. Keyword In Meta Description. The importance of the meta description tag today is more often discussed in SEO circles. It is however still a relevancy signal. It is also essential for obtaining user clicks from search results pages. Comprising the keyword in it makes it more relevant to a searching portal and a searcher.

Substantial Site factors:

  1. Sitemap: A sitemap aids search platforms to index all pages on your site. It is the easiest and most effective way to tell Google what pages your website incorporates.
  2. Server Location. Some SEOs have faith that a server’s location aids to boost rankings for that particular country or region.

Key Off Page Factors:

When ranking your off-pages, Google looks at factors outside of your site as well. Some of the major factors are as listed below:

  1. Numbers Of Linked Domains: The number of domains linked to you is one of the most indispensable ranking factors.
  2. Number of Linked Pages: There might be a few links from a particular domain to your site; their number count is a ranking factor too. Nonetheless, it is still better to have more links from individual domains rather than from a single one domain.
  3. Domain Authority Of Linked Page: All pages are not equal. Links to pages with higher domain authority will be a larger factor than those on low authority domains. Hence, you should strive to build links from high domain authority websites.

So, be prepared to create awesome content your users would love and optimize that content to help Google understand why your audience likes it so much to rank your website on the top!!

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